GSM Camera

Imagine being able to literally keep an eye on any room or any place by simply logging onto to a website and checking out the latest updated pictures. It's now possible, with Security Concepts' Covert GSM Camera. Our GSM camera improves on regular webcams in that it transmits pictures using GSM cell phone networks--which allows the camera to operate without being hooked up to a computer.

The GSM camera is a completely self-contained, self-powered unit that does not require any external connections or power supply. It can be placed in any place that has cell phone coverage (which, these days, is virtually everywhere) and will send pictures to your cell phone or computer using GSM multimedia messaging. The camera can even capture video, with a frame rate of between 4 and eleven frames per second.

Security Concepts' GSM camera is a perfect solution for law enforcement officials and private investigators, and offers tremendous improvements over traditional covert cameras that need to be retrieved for the recorded video to be viewed. One of the best features of the GSM camera is the ability to control the unit over the Internet. By simply logging onto a secure website, you can adjust frame rate, motion detection, picture size and video storage.

The GSM camera offers a multitude of alerts, letting you customize how and when you receive image updates. For instance, you can have images and video sent to you via email at specific intervals, or only in the event that motion occurs. If you have a cell phone with multimedia messaging capabilities, you can even have images sent directly to your phone.