GPS Tracking Device

If the heart of global positioning technology is the network of satellites that sends and receives tracking data, the eyes and ears of GPS are the tiny devices that broadcast data and communicate specific locations. GPS tracking devices are powerful little machines: they use very little energy and can be enormously useful if employed properly. Security Concepts is here to help you take advantage of this technology.

In an effort to keep our GPS solutions as scalable and customizable as possible, Security Concepts offers a range of GPS tracking devices in many shapes and sizes. Our tracking units range from tiny hand-held devices that are self-powered and easily concealable to large 12-volt units that can be permanently affixed to industrial or transportation equipment.

On the miniature end of the spectrum is the WorldTracker Data-Logger. This tiny unit is smaller than a cell phone, and it packs an enormous array of features. The smallest GPS data logger on the market, it features a built-in antenna and is capable of global coverage on land or at sea. It can collect up to 100,000 records or positions, saving data like position, speed, and distance traveled that can be easily downloaded to a computer using a USB port.

At Security Concepts, our goal is to find ways to use GPS tracking devices to help your business in ways you may never have imagined. No matter which type of GPS tracking device you decide to use, Security Concepts will work with you to develop a solution that allows you to easily read and utilize the data you're receiving from these satellite tracking units. From tracking devices to logging and mapping software, we do it all.