GPS Tracking Equipment

GPS tracking equipment used to be the exclusive domain of big companies and luxury car manufacturers--no one else could afford this useful but (formerly) expensive technology. Fortunately, those days are long gone. Tiny pocket-sized GPS tracking devices like the WorldTracker SMS from Security Concepts are incredibly affordable, highly useful devices that can benefit any individual or business with a need for inexpensive GPS tracking equipment.

The WorldTracker SMS is a powerful little device that's only about the size of a pager. So how is it able to collect and send GPS information? The answer lies in SMS, or Short Messaging Service technology. SMS technology was developed to allow cell phone users to send short text messages to each other. The great thing about SMS, however, is that it can be used to send all sorts of data--not just text messages.

The WorldTracker SMS collects and calculates its position using GPS satellite frequencies, and then broadcasts this data out over cell phone networks in the form of an SMS message (or series of messages, depending on the use). SMS-based GPS tracking requires that the tracking device is in the range of a GSM cellular network. Since this is the most popular type of network in the United States and abroad, there are few areas that cannot be covered.

The great thing about SMS GPS tracking is that it allows real time tracking at a very low cost. In the past, real-time tracking required bulky expensive transceivers that could receive and transmit signals to satellites. This type of system, while still popular, is no longer a requirement.