GPS Tracking Solutions

GPS tracking data is only as good as your ability to receive and analyze it. Without an effective, easy-to-use device or software program to collect your data, operating GPS tracking devices is of little use. Security Concepts understands the needs of GPS users, which is why we offer both hardware and software solutions to our clients.

Customers who purchase our WorldTracker and WorldTracker Pro devices receive Fugawi tracking software with their system. This software comes with a DVD containing street maps of the United States or Europe (depending on the location of the customer) that allows you to instantly start tracking your GPS devices. In addition, for areas not covered by the included maps, the software allows you to scan and import your own maps. This is particularly useful if, for instance, you want to track your devices on a customized map that you use for your business.

WorldTracker devices can also be used with any mapping software that supports GPS data. Microsoft Streets and Trips is a popular program that functions very well with our GPS devices. You can also use ArcView, Falcon View, and the DeLorme Street Atlas.

Security Concepts' GPS devices recently began to support Google Earth software as well. This web-based mapping system allows you to track your targets on high-resolution, three-dimensional satellite photographs, anywhere in the world. The best part about using Google Earth for your GPS tracking is that it's totally free--there's no need to purchase expensive software and pay to have your maps updated.