GPS Vehicle Tracking System

Security Concepts manufactures a line of powerful GPS tracking devices that can help you keep track of--and protect--your valuable assets. GPS technology was originally intended solely for gathering precision positioning data, but it has shown that it can be incredibly effective for security purposes. Security Concepts has taken the idea of using GPS for security to new levels, and our entire product line reflects this new focus.

Put simply, GPS tracking allows you to track your assets anytime, anywhere. Whether you're running a company with a fleet of hundreds of vehicles or you simply want to keep an eye on an expensive piece of equipment, GPS trackers allow you to do this without having to actually be on-site. Our GPS trackers can be installed virtually anywhere, and we offer both battery-powered and hard-wired units for increased flexibility or stability, depending on your needs.

If you're looking to increase security, active tracking devices are probably the best choice for your company. These devices combine GPS tracking with GSM reporting technology, allowing the unit to alert you by sending a message via GSM cellular networks in the event that the unit moves or travels somewhere it's not supposed to. Unlike bulky two-way GPS devices (which need to communicate both ways with GPS satellites), GSM devices use the same communication system as a regular cell phone. This brings down both size and cost.

Security Concepts manufactures devices for both resellers and end-users. In addition to our hardware offerings, we can also help customers set up software systems that allow them to view and analyze GPS tracking data. Get in touch with us today if you have any questions about our GPS tracking products.