GPS Real Time Tracking

GPS tracking devices come in two different types: active tracking devices and passive tracking devices. Each type takes advantage of GPS technology to give you highly accurate location reports--the difference is when the information is delivered. Security Concepts manufactures both types of equipment, and can also provide software and mapping solutions to make these powerful devices work for any application.

Passive tracking devices, otherwise known as "data loggers" are essentially one-way GPS receivers that do not have the ability to broadcast any information. These devices instead collect positioning data and store it on their internal memory. When the unit is collected and hooked up to a computer, it is then possible to download and analyze the tracking data that it has collected.

Active tracking devices, on the other hand (also known as "real time" trackers), have the ability to track positioning data and to then broadcast that data to you in real time. Real time trackers gather positioning data using GPS technology, and they then send that data to the end-user using traditional cellular phone networks.

Security Concepts manufactures real time GPS tracking equipment that allows the end user to literally watch as their tracking device moves around on a map. The data sent out by the tracker can be used to analyze speed, position over a certain period of time, and can even be used to alert you if the tracking device crosses a pre-determined boundary.