GPS Tracking Devices

Security Concepts manufactures a range of GPS tracking devices for every possible use. We produce everything from small hand-held battery-powered data loggers to robust fleet tracking units that can send data in real time to your corporate offices. We sell to companies, resellers, and large institutions that recognize the importance of GPS tracking to their business. In addition, Security Concepts can help customers develop a customized software system for receiving and analyzing their GPS data.

Among the more popular devices that we produce are real-time GPS trackers. These devices collect GPS data and send it to the user instantly via traditional cell phone networks. In instances where cell phone networks are unavailable, however, the WorldTracker RF is a great option: this device broadcasts data to the user using radio frequencies.

WorldTracker RF units are two-in-one devices, with the ability to work as either a data logger or a real-time tracking device. 140-milliwatt units can track up to 15 miles, while the high-powered 1-watt version can broadcast data up to 35 miles. If you need to expand the range even further, you can add an additional receiver to the system to act as a repeater. Using this method, the coverage area can be doubled or even tripled.

WorldTracker RF systems allow for multi-unit tracking, which means you can keep an eye on multiple devices at the same time using a secure 256-bit AES encrypted data stream. In addition, it is possible to remotely operate transmitter units using the base unit itself.