GPS Fleet Tracking

Having a fleet of vehicles constantly out on the road creates a particular set of problems for business owners. First, the very fact that a company vehicle is out of the owner's sight means that unexpected problems and delays can (and probably will) occur. The only way to minimize the damage these factors cause to your business is by responding as quickly as possible when something does go wrong.

GPS fleet tracking utilizes global positioning system technology to allow business owners to keep an eye on the vehicles in real time, no matter where in the country--or the world--the vehicle might be. GPS devices installed in the fleet vehicles report positioning, movement, delays--exactly the type of information a business needs to keep its operations running as smoothly as possible.

Security Concepts manufactures a complete line of GPS tracking devices. In addition, we offer software and mapping solutions that help customers receive and interpret the data being sent out by their GPS tracking devices. If you or your customers are interested in setting up a full fleet tracking system, Security Concepts has the products and the know-how to make it happen.

Fleet tracking is perfect for any type of business that puts a lot of assets out on the road or sea. Current businesses using our products include emergency service providers, taxi cab companies, shipping companies and food and beverage distributors. Contact Security Concepts to hear more about the products and services we can offer you and your customers.