GPS Vehicle Tracking

For businesses that have large fleets of vehicles out on the road, keeping track of the fleet is a crucial part of keeping operations running smoothly. Security Concepts manufactures several different GPS devices that can be used for vehicle tracking, from small battery-powered devices to 12-volt devices that can be wired into any car or truck.

The WorldTracker AVL is our most robust fleet management and tracking system. This system uses GPS tracking technology in combination with GSM, GPRS and SMS technology to allow you to track vehicles in real time. Because the WorldTracker AVL utilizes a tri-mode 1900/1800/900 MHz transceiver, it is able to function perfectly using cell phone networks all over the globe.

The WorldTracker AVL is far more than a simple tracking device--it is a full featured-security device that can help you protect your vehicles. For instance, the WorldTracker AVL supports geofence reporting, which sends an alert via SMS or email to the user when a tracking device has moved in or out of a predetermined geo-fence. It also features voice wire-tapping capabilities, an automatic immobilizing feature, and remote control operation with a panic button in the event of an emergency.

The WorldTracker AVL works as both a real-time GPS tracker and a data logger. On the real-time side, data can be reported to up to seven phone numbers via SMS or voice messages when an event occurs. Alternatively, data can be stored and downloaded later to a computer. This is useful for analyzing data at a later date and performing tasks like trip replay and trip distance calculations.