The NEW TrimTrac 1.5 locator is a small, lightweight asset-monitoring device that requires little, if any, installation when used in its battery-powered configuration. Hardware and setting options allow the device to be configured to meet a variety of demanding installation and operational requirements. Like the original TrimTrac locator, motion-based reporting continues to be an important tool in minimizing power consumption and recurring communication costs.

Cost-effective, Universally Available Communications

The TrimTrac 1.5 locator supports all GSM frequencies (900/1800MHz and 850/1900 MHz) to take full advantage of cost-effective GPRS data rate plans and the near universal roaming capability of SMS text messaging. The TrimTrac 1.5 locator takes advantage of both technologies by automatically selecting GPRS wherever such service is available, while relying upon SMS text messages as backup when outside GPRS coverage. This helps minimize recurring communication costs while allowing the greatest coverage possible.

Hardware Options, Expanded Capabilities

A variety of hardware options are available to enhance the function of the TrimTrac 1.5 locator to particular application requirements. These options include optional plug-in modules provide connections to hard wire the TrimTrac to a vehicle. The control module also provides two outputs that can be used to control on-board systems, such as door locks, immobilizers and remote start systems. Also available is a miniature external GPS antenna that allows for more discrete, protected installation of the TrimTrac 1.5 locator.

Enhanced Functional Capabilities

Position reporting triggered by motion, 1 Hz GPS operation, on-board geofence enforcement, scheduled hours of operation, multiple runtime meters, start/stop reporting mode, and more.

Now taking orders, $395 each!

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