Our Products Used by NASA + NEW AVL EQUIPMENT

Security Concepts WorldTracker RF 1 watt system tested and used by NASA in a field experiment.

"The system seemed to work well, even in the direct Arizona sun at 100 deg F. And the range was fine with the big antennae."

Brent J. Bos, Ph.D.
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center



Enclosed are details for our new GPS/GSM Fleet Manager.


The new WorldTracker Fleet Manager is an advanced Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) device that combines GPS technology with GSM/GPRS with other wireless communication technology for real time tracking, polling, security and fleet management purpose.

This new system provides online alerts, anti-theft, trip replay, reports, two way communications and vehicle Fleet management.

  • Geofencing function.
  • Voice wire tapping available.
  • Zone management with up t20 zones.
  • Realtime or Trip logging tracking by time/distance or interval.
  • Report tup tseven phone numbers (SMS or voice) if event occurs.
  • GPS NMEA-0183 RS 232 output ,compatible with PDA/pocket PC navigation.
  • Data logger can record up t45,000 events, can be upgraded t240,000.
  • Immobilize feature available.
  • Remote control with panic button option.
  • Hands-free kit available.
  • Software for demonstration purposes.
  • Install Wizard for system configuration.

Complete starter kit including hardware, software and sample mapping for your area. $595.00