GPS Tracking, 50 states in 50 days

Family, friends and followers of the 50/50 trip are able to track his every move via the Internet. Mark’s travel can be viewed in real-time or historically thanks to the WorldTracker SMS GPS Tracking device installed in his bike. It’s one thing to call around and let folks know where you are” says Mark. “It’s quite another for people to see where you are right now.”

With cutting edge mapping technology from Google and Microsoft, it is possible to view Mark’s location right down to street level. This state-of-the-art combination of 3D maps, satellite images, and aerial photography is available only with the WorldTracker SMS from www.TrackingTheWorld.com.

Mark has chosen to ride on behalf of a very worthwhile organization, One.org. Join him in supporting this organization as he distributes 50 sequentially numbered bracelets; one to someone he meets in each state he visits.

Where is Mark now? Visit www.marks5050.com

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