TrimTrac GPS, no contracts, unlimited service

TrimTrac now available for $379.

Five or more units, $295. No Contracts, No Mapping License, Pay As You Go.

Mapping from Google and Microsoft.

Using TrackingTheWorld.com's gateway server, the TrimTrac now supports the latest 3D mapping technology from Google Earth and Windows Live Local. Users can switch map type at any time from their personal GPS tracking page.

No contracts, unlimited service!

TrackingTheWorld.com is the first company to offer the TrimTrac with unlimited tracking service. There are no limits on the amount of data received or the number of times users can connect to their tracker. Flat rate of $59.95 per month.

Equipment Rentals Available


Optional Accessories

Trimble GPS Hardwire Kit$79.95
Covert Magnetic Case$89.95

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