GPS Tracking Equipment

Our products are manufactured in the USA with only the highest quality materials.

We use the latest technology to deliver precision-engineered equipment.

For Military and Special-Operations use, our products can be used with Falcon View or ArcView software.



Allows you to easily keep track of a vehicle or other target, including distance traveled, current and past street locations, speed and time spent at any position. The tracker can be permanently integrated into a vehicle or other target to provide remote services such as panic button and callout capability.


WorldTracker Pro


A completely self-contained unit, ideal for covert applications. Includes rechargeable Lithium Ion battery. No tracker is easier or faster to install. One-piece unit installs in seconds! New feature allows the tracker to call a cell phone in the event of vehicle movement, eliminating the need for constant surveillance.


NEW 1 WATT WorldTracker RF

World-wide real time tracking or data logging with no monthly charges and no setup fees. Combining radio frequency and GPS technology our new high powered 1-watt receiver and transmitter tracks up to 35 miles. For increased range simply use an additional receiver station to act as a repeater, doubling the coverage area. Capable of simultaneous real-time multi-target tracking. Ideal for Military and Covert operations, agricultural applications, fleet tracking, marine management, construction companies, etc.


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