New extended-life WorldTracker Pro

Actual size: 119 x 93 x 34 mm

Housed in a Hammond aluminum waterproof enclosure.


NEW IMPROVED WorldTracker Pro

Designed for professional investigations, high security transportation, and location critical applications.

WorldTracker Pro is the ultimate GPS tracking device. It is completely self-contained; no batteries to install, no complex antennas or wires.

WorldTracker Pro is the only tracking device to display TRUE real-time location information. Data is transmitted directly to your computer through an encrypted cellular connection. No middleman, no Internet, no access fees.

NEW IMPROVED Lithium Ion battery, provides a week of power without a recharge. Call-out feature allows the tracker to message a cell phone in the event of vehicle movement, eliminating the need for constant surveillance.

Track live or download location history. WorldTracker Pro's data log automatically saves location, time, and speed for up to 20 days. The sleep-mode powers the unit down after 10 minutes of inactivity, saving power and not recording useless data.

Complete system with all options $1995. Includes call-out feature, battery, charger, software and detailed street maps.

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